No rumors, no hype, just solid intel regarding the New Iraqi Dinar

Chat Room



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Please abide by the chat room rules....

1. English is the language of this chat room.  No cursing is allowed.   No foreign languages.   If you are uncertain about a word, then do not use it. 

2. Usernames must be appropriate language.  Nothing of sexual or suggestive nature is allowed.   Impersonating an admin is prohibited.

 3. Please keep conversations appropriate for this chat room.  This is a dinar discussion room primarily focused on the pending revaluation of the New Iraqi Dinar.   Wandering off topic to some degree is allowed.  Religious insults are not tolerated.

4. NO CAPS. Talking in all caps is prohibited.  Be respectful of other chatters and admins.  Same rules apply to private chat as well.

Thank you.