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DinarAlert Iraqi Television Transcripts


DinarAlert is excited to offer a daily Iraqi Television Transcription Service direct to your email in box.

DinarAlert Iraqi Television Transcription Service (ITTS)

What can I expect?

A professional who reads, speaks, hears and translates the Arabic language will watch al-Iraqiya-tv‎ on a daily basis.  Each day, a summary of the most important parts of the news will be transcribed to a written email format.  News topics such as general news, religion or sports may be omitted or briefly summarized.  Subject matter such as political issues, economy, banking, finance, currency, will be transcribed in much greater detail.  As well, any scrolling 'urgent' banner information would be provided.  To download a sample click here.

When will I receive the email?

Emails will be sent late afternoon/early evenings 6-8pm CST.  The transcript will be the current days al-Iraqiya-tv newscast, which broadcast earlier that day.

How often will I receive my email?

You will receive 5 emails Monday-Friday per week.   

How much does it cost?

Subscription fee for this service is $9.95 per month. 

Get the truth, get the facts, get DinarAlert Iraqi television transcripts!

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