No rumors, no hype, just solid intel regarding the New Iraqi Dinar


Quotes Dinar Alert= Kap and all the the community great job, I believe the work done here is not an easy task , How ever a great gift of truth and clear vision to you the reader and myself... Quotes
Clear vision of truth.

Quotes Dinar Alert is by far the best website for information on the dinar investment. The truth is far better than that daily lies of other websites. Quotes

Quotes What I find so interesting is you could never find this anywhere else. Quotes
What I find so interesting

Quotes I don't want to hear "my source says", "I heard", etc. I want it straight from a verifiable source. Your reporting from Direct Iraq outlets is certainly verifiable and trustworthy. Quotes
"Just the facts mam."

Quotes I heard and seen it all with other sites, this site has it down, rv will happen when Iraq is ready. till then im collecting .. good luck to all. Quotes
its the real deal here

Quotes Dinar Alerts is hands down the most level headed website around. Good discussions and no outlandish rates or false hopes. I am looking forward to my text. Quotes
Jack S.

Quotes This investment is very confusing to say the least. And add to that the piles of rumors and misinformation and insanity starts to brew. I starting reading Kap's reports on another site and realized he's about the most knowledgeable and trustworthy person I've found regarding the Dinar and its fate (which is so uncertain). And he's not trying to rip anyone off. I also like reading the forums and the people who post seem genuinely sincere and just want to see some prosperity in their lives along with peace and dignity. Thanks to you all! Quotes
Finally some sanity

Quotes itts compliments all you do on dinar alert,wish you and your families a happy thanksgiving, and thank you for all you do to keep us informed .God bless you. Quotes

Quotes Iraqi Television Transcripts - OMG, this is the best thing ever. I love reading what is being said each and every day. Sign up for ITTS, it is sooo worth it. Quotes

Quotes Iraqi Television Transcripts - Amazing product and an amazing price. I look forward to it each day. Quotes
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