No rumors, no hype, just solid intel regarding the New Iraqi Dinar

What is DinarAlert all about?


DinarAlert is the most advanced New Iraqi Dinar research website on the net.


The concept is simple.   It was created by a few who are seasoned  "in the know" regarding the New Iraqi Dinar.  


The plan is five part....

1. Put together a group which consists of technology experts, translators, bankers, stock brokers, and researchers to gather the most accurate information available in regard to the pending appreciation of the New Iraqi Dinar.  Then offer two great choices...DinarAlert Cellular Text Service and our Voice Call to Landline for subscribers who truly want "first knowledge" upon a change in value of the dinar.  We highly recommend one of these two Products to all our members as we believe this group will "know" before anyone else.

2. To also invite one of the most knowledgeable dinar researchers to be part of the site everyday.  That person is Kaperoni.  He has studied the New Iraqi Dinar for over 6 years and written over 250 chats, and various posts.  In doing so, he has educated and informed even the most novice investor.  Kaperoni also brings with him his friends, contacts and his Arabic translator to often provide additional insight.  Kaperoni also has a solid track record of not "misleading" or creating "hype" and we are glad he is here to share is knowledge and wisdom with all of you.

3. Live Chat Room is now open.  This powerful medium will bring cutting edge news direct to our members. NEW! Mobile chat for Android and iPhone users.

4. And last, offer several forums for users that can be used to investigate and expand your knowledge of Iraq...

  • The Research Library which is stacked full of links to documents from professional organizations that relate to Iraq for reference and study.

  • The Forums are for those who make a monthly donation to support the operational expenses of DinarAlert.  It is loaded with research, articles and comments updated daily.

5. DinarAlert is proud to introduce it's NEW Conference Call. These calls will give you up to the minute analysis. We are excited to introduce...Enorrste, Russell and Kaperoni will be hosting these calls. Each giving unique insight and perspective to the dinar investment.  Check the Conference Calls Button for posted times and dates.


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Closed! DinarAlert Iraqi Television Transcript Service (ITTS).  Have you ever wondered what is being discussed daily on Iraqi news television? Are you tired of the daily mis-information put out by other sites?  Do you want to know what is being told to the Iraqi citizens daily?  DinarAlert is excited to offer a daily Iraqi television transcript service direct to your email in box.  For more information click here.




Integrity is important at DinarAlert.  Whether your simply reading a post from one of our volunteer researchers or browsing the forums or research library, getting quality information without false rumors or hype is imperative.  Knowing the motives or incentive of a website is also just as important.  DinarAlert is the only dinar research site without contractual advertisers or dealer influence.  This concept is imperative to continue to provide unbiased information to our members.   It is a known fact, that websites with advertisers or dinar dealer contracts often post for personal interest, and are conversational with the sole intention of persuading.   DinarAlert is sole supported by its members, for its members. Help keep DinarAlert free of these influences by purchasing an item from the website or making a donation.  Any item purchased helps to support the operational expenses of DinarAlert. 


DinarAlert values the users of our website. Your privacy and trust are very important to us. We recognize that you may be concerned about privacy.  Therefore, we provide this link to our Privacy Policy.



On behalf of all our staff, Moderators - Kaperoni, Enorrste, Treyb, Wedream, ZenMaverick, rv2018, Tammy44, ReVbo, Mike and Administrators -  Brandon & Tgirl  would like to welcome you to DinarAlert.



Enjoy your stay,